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Out Centres

An “Out Centre” is an Assessor or a Training Centre who requests registrations through mwmac Ltd.

What does mwmac Ltd do for you?

  • We provide you with an easy, confidential and secure route to request registrations.
  • We ensure that your registrations are completed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • We provide you with all the paperwork required to run your event via email or post.
  • We can, in emergency situations, provide an “out of hours” service to you to ensure your assessments run smoothly for you and your customers.

What does mwmac Ltd do for you, that other Registering Centres don’t?

  • We receive your Certificates at HQ, quality checking that they are all present and correct.
  • We post all certificates via 1st class post, direct to you, as well as emailing you a copy of each for your records.
  • We retain individual records of your Registration requests.
  • We retain digital copies of your candidates’ certificates.
  • We invite you to our annual Standard Setting as well as practical standard settings, to ensure best practice and standardisation.
  • We can support you with your Quality Assurance where required.
  • We can support you with additional CPD and training that you or your assessors require.

If you would like further information on how to become an Out Centre with mwmac Ltd please get in touch.